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Water & Beverage Solutions for Hospitality

Water, Coffee, Steam, Ice, Warewashing & Beverage Applications

Water is the Single Most Important Ingredient in FOODSERVICE

Foodservice is a fast paced business to be in where appearance and presentation is everything and reliable equipment is a must.

Water is very much at the centre of this whirlwind business, it cleans the glasses and plates, it goes through many critical bits of equipment (think dishwashers, hot water cylinders, steam ovens, coffee machines, ice machines). It is a key ingredient in making food and drinks and quality filtered water will ensure your clients equipment maintenance cost are reduced.

Aqua Foodservice operates as a Licenced division of Aqua Synergy Group, and since 1994 Aqua have been committed to being the best provider of water filtration, hydration and treatment solutions and services throughout New Zealand. This commitment has seen the company grow and establish a nationwide network of water specialists that own and operate their business within the local regions. This provides our Aqua Foodservice Licencees a competitive advantage in the market as they know and understand the local water quality requirement and can match these with the best Foodservice products within various sectors, which means our customers receive the right solution,first time.

Aqua Foodservice as part of the Aqua Synergy Group, remain leaders in our industry by staying in continual contact with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our customers are provided with the latest technology and best quality products on the market today.

Protect your Foodservice Equipment & Reap the Benefits


Essentially all Hospitality focused businesses are the target audience for Aqua Foodservice. Water plays a vital role in foodservice: good coffee, clear ice, clean appliances, effective steam ovens.

Aqua Synergy Group is the master distributor of Pentair Everpure for NZ, the leading global provider for the foodservice market for more than 80 years. That’s why so many foodservice operators depend on Pentair Everpure®. Having good water helps to reduce limescale in water using appliances and protecting equipment. It also polishes water for coffee/tea (98% water), steam (100% water), ice (100% water), etc.


Pentair Everpure® Water Filters for all Foodservice applications including:

  •  Sparkling & Still Water
  •  Coffee
  •  Steam
  •  Ice
  •  Warewashing
  •  Beverage

Is a Aqua Foodservice Licence right for you?

If your an experienced Hospitality professional in either sales or service with a network of clients in the Food Manufacturing, Cafe, Hotel, Restaurant and Bar sector to sell water filter/treatment solutions too, then this division is for you.

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