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Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Green at Heart

Our Aqua Plumber division once fully established will be a network of established plumbers that install, repair and maintain pipes, fixtures, fittings and other equipment used to disperse water under the Aqua Plumber Licence. An Aqua Plumber Licencee receives systems, marketing, training and access to new business when they join the Aqua team.

Aqua Plumber operates as a Licenced division of Aqua Synergy Group and since 1994 Aqua have been committed to being the best provider of plumbing, water filtration and treatment solutions and services throughout New Zealand. This commitment has seen the company grow and establish a nationwide network of water specialists that own and operate their business within the local regions. This provides our Aqua Plumber Licencees a competitive advantage in the market as they know and understand the local water quality requirement and can match these with the best products within various sectors, which means our customers receive the right solution,first time.

Aqua Plumber as part of the Aqua Synergy Group, remain leaders in our industry by staying in continual contact with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our customers are provided with the latest technology and best quality products on the market today.


All businesses and properties, large or small are our target audience as they all require plumbing services either at development stage or retrofitting or when there is a plumbing issue. The only difference is the range of products / services we offer increases to cater for the type of application required.

PRODUCTS INCLUDE: Wholehouse Water Purifiers, Wholehouse Water Softeners, Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains, Plumbing fittings etc.


  •  Plumbing
  •  Gasfitting
  •  Drainlaying

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