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Water Solutions for the Home

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Improving “Quality of Life” in the Home

Aqua Promotions is our promotional division. This division has a highly qualified team with a can-do, can-deliver attitude. We find the right solutions for your water filtration needs in the home and we sell them to you.

Aqua Promotions staff attend shows / events all over New Zealand promoting and selling Aqua products and growing our base of service clients. This division is a key component of our growth strategy targeting, new clients, promotion of the Aqua Brand and the development of business direct to consumers.

We operate as a Licenced division of Aqua Synergy Group and since 1994 Aqua have been committed to being the best provider of water filtration, hydration and treatment solutions and services throughout New Zealand. This commitment has seen the company grow and establish a nationwide network of water specialists that own and operate their business within the local regions. This provides our Aqua Promotion Licencees with a competitive advantage in the market as they know and understand the local water quality requirement and can match these with the best water filtration products within various sectors, which means our customers receive the right solution,  first time.


Our target clients for the residential market are primarily people aged 30+ and includes families, professionals and the elderly. The number one reason why clients have one of our systems installed is to improve the taste of the water they drink or are showering in. This is very easily achieved by either installing one of our products in the kitchen at the point of use (P.O.U) or installing one on the whole house at the point of entry (P.O.E).


  •  Under Bench/Whole House Water Filters
  •  UV Systems
  •  RO Systems
  •  Steaming Hot/Cold
  •  Shower Filters
  •  Water Treatment
  •  Pumps & Tanks
  •  Plumbing Services
  •  Tank & Gutter Cleaning Services

Is a Aqua Promotions Licence right for you?

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