Foodservice & Beverage Applications

Optimise Your Food Business

Improve Equipment Life, Better Tasting Food and Beverages

Foodservice is a fast paced business to be in where appearance and presentation is everything and reliable equipment is a must.

Water is very much at the centre of this whirlwind business, it cleans the glasses and plates, it goes through many critical bits of equipment (think dishwashers, hot water cylinders, steamer ovens, coffee machines, ice machines), it is a key ingredient in making food and drinks and operates toilets.

In all of this did you ever stop to think how water might be affecting your business?

How can water treatment improve my business?

If you are on a rural supply (e.g. rain, bore or stream water), we can make sure your water is in top condition to protect the health of your staff and customers with reliable certified disinfection and whole supply treatment options.

If you have specialty equipment, we supply a specialist range of Pentair Everpure cartridges to protect individual pieces of equipment.

If you are on mains supply and want to remove chlorine, we have whole supply options available.

We also provide water testing and analysis to understand your water source so we can match it with the correct Filtration and design an overall solution that matches your requirements.


PENTAIR EVERPURE® Drinking Water Systems provide clear, fresh, premium quality, great-tasting water. The unique filter blend uses activated carbon to finely polish water for high quality beverage and food applications. *With built-in scale protection to prevent limescale from accumulating and damaging equipment where required.

PENTAIR EVERPURE® Coffee filter systems take care of your most important ingredient. They can be plumbed directly to coffee brewers and other water-using appliances. With built-in scale inhibitors, Everpure Coffee filters prevent limescale from accumulating and damaging equipment. Brewers work better, last longer, and flawlessly deliver great-tasting coffee.

PENTAIR EVERPURE® Insurice® Systems give you quality water for crystal clear ice. It reduces sediment and chlorine that can wear the pump, block solenoids, pits evaporator and corrodes the ice machine, as well as reduce scale buildup that causes slow harvest and increased energy usage.

PENTAIR EVERPURE® Kleensteam® CT Systems eliminate corrosion and scale buildup on controls, boiler walls, heating elements, etc. Help equipment to last longer, lower energy waste and service costs. Uses a phosphate blend that essentially lubricates the dissolved mineral, preventing it from returning to solid rock. When a steamer is down, the kitchen is severely limited in production capacity and food quality. Keep ‘em steaming with PENTAIR EVERPURE® Kleensteam®!

WAREWASHING is water using application. PENTAIR EVERPURE® Kleenware® Systems and PENTAIR EVERPURE® range of water softeners protects the booster heaters, spray arms and interior cavities of your warewasher and keeps them working properly besides reducing detergent usage.

Beverage production needs to be running at peak efficiency and you can’t afford to slow down. Any loss in production affects your bottom line and no business wants that. We offer Pentair Shuffle pumps, Everpure filtration and related components for water boost and water line management systems to ensure better Water pressure, improved gas pump efficiency along with better water and flavour.

Benefits of Foodservice Water Treatment Solutions

coffee espresso

Filtered Water Stations

No Chlorine taste or smell Better tasting water Safer water Environmentally friendly – reduces waste from bottled water

Steam/Combi Ovens

Less Limescale Less corrosion Better Steam Consistancy
ice machines

Ice Machines

Reduced Scale Clearer Ice


Spot free dishes and glassware Better energy efficiency Longer lasting Equipment
beverage systems

Fountain Beverage Systems

Better water pressure Improved gas pump efficiency Better flavour
coffee espresso

Coffee Machines

Reduces scale on heating elements Fewer issues with valves, solenoids, reservoirs Better extraction for better tasting coffee

Keep it flowing with SHURFLO®

PENTAIR Shurflo® solutions give you the bold performance you need to keep your water flowing and beverages pouring.

  • Our BIB gas pumps are designed to maximise performance by minimising
  • pressure drop with a superior straight-through flow path.
    Our Water Booster Systems maintain consistent water pressure to your fountainand coffee machine and help to maximise your filter life.