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Aqua Synergy Group (ASG) commenced in 2016 and was created based on the need to develop a national framework for our Licencee network. Aqua Filter is our residential/lifestyle division and was established in 1994 and based on that division we created ASG so we could develop our other go to market divisions and therefore provide a focus on each market.

  • Aqua Filter – Residential / Lifestyle market
  • Aqua Hydration – Office / Commercial
  • Aqua Treatment – Industrial / Dairy Sheds
  • Aqua Foodservice – Hospitality
  • Aqua Plumber – Plumbing
  • Aqua Services – Tank / Gutter Cleaning
  • Aqua Promotions – Shows / Malls / Telemarketing

Under our divisional Licencee model, ASG sells an extensive range of water purification products & services to the urban/residential, office/commercial, Farm/lifestyle, and Foodservice markets. We are in continual contact with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our customers are provided with the best quality products on the market today. All products are backed up by a comprehensive after sales service and AF’s commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. 

We are also a member of the Water Quality Association, a world wide body dedicated to promoting high principles of integrity and professionalism in the water quality improvement industry.

When you purchase an ASG licence you have a comprehensive range of products & services made available to you which are then on sold directly to clients within your territory. Every time you sell a new product or introduce a new client you are effectively building your ongoing earning potential through the ongoing consumable/service required with our products.

  • Promote Aqua’s range of products & services to existing and new clients 
  • Networking
  • Installation and on-going service of the products to your clients (where applicable)
  • Input & update the CRM
  • A commitment to 100% customer satisfaction

Note: If you purchase an Aqua Promotions Licence, this is a sales only Licence.

Being a little bit handy is also useful but not essential, however you will need to enjoy lots of people contact and have an ability to build long term relationships. This, coupled with a professional attitude & integrity and we will see you go far!

We currently have tens of thousands of customers throughout New Zealand encompassing the urban/residential, office/commercial, farm/lifestyle, and foodservice markets through providing a comprehensive range of products & services designed to improve water quality.

Some of the main advantages you will receive when buying an ASG Licence are:

  • Tried & true business model since 1994
  • Respected brand & image in the marketplace
  • Full training & ongoing support
  • Comprehensive range of quality products & services
  • On going earning potential
  • Lifestyle choice / work for yourself
  • Full training on license operation
  • Supply of products
  • Full on-going support and technical assistance
  • Development of marketing & promotional material
  • Introduction of new & innovative products & services
  • Provide each Licence with their own website pages as part of the relevant Divisional model.
  • Nationwide promotion of the brand

We allow 1-2  weeks for training, depending on which Licence you purchase, which can be done from our Head Office or your location. The training is based on the licence manual and encompasses depending on which Licence you purchase the following:

  • Training on all operational systems & procedures
  • Operation of the CRM
  • Comprehensive training on all products & services
  • Hands on training 
  • – Sales 
  • – Installation 
  • – Servicing

ASG has been in operation since 1994 and has installed over 50,000 systems nationwide since its inception with new clients being added daily. It is also the nature of our products that once they are installed there will be an ongoing service/consumable required to keep them maintained provided by you, the Licencee. This coupled with the fact that quality water as a resource is becoming harder to tap into due to global changes in our environment. This simply means that there is a continually growing demand for water filtration products & services from an ever increasing educated & discerning market.

Yes, there will/maybe but you will have exclusive rights to your divisional Licencee: 

Ie: If an Aqua Filter Residential Licencee is in place in a territory, there could be an Aqua Hydration Licence in same area for Office / workplace market or an Aqua Foodservice Licencee.

This will depend on your chosen licence i.e. Residential vs Commercial / Office as there are different setup costs associated with each type, the other factor is whether there is an established clientele within the desired territory.

Unlike other licences there are no on going royalty fee’s, but there is a National Promotional Fund (NPF) which is a minimal 2.5% charge added to each invoice when purchasing stock from the licensor.

The Licence fee is to secure your Licence to operate under the chosen Aqua division. ASG supply your initial training and establishment on our online management system and startup equipment covered in your Licence agreement.

When you purchase a licence from ASG, as part of your training we develop a business plan which covers outlines how you will develop your business to be successful.

A Licencee can have multiple Licences in their territory, the Licence would need the resource to provide a focus on each Licence ie a sales/service person/Vehicle.

Yes, you can have staff, this is your business. ASG can provide training and recruitment services if required.

A Master Licencee is responsible for developing the division he/she has the Master Licence for. The ML role is to secure and assist sub licencees in their division and to create new business for the division.

All products are purchased through the licensor. These products are imported direct from overseas with some items being sourced or manufactured by ASG locally. All products are on-sold to the licensees at Wholesale prices. Licensees can order products for nationwide overnight delivery.

The initial licence term is 10 years, with two further terms of 10 years with unlimited rights of renewal, provided that all aspects of the licence agreement have been adhered too.

Yes, of course, your Licence and business can be sold. ASG will help with the sales process and work with you on exiting the business.

This is your business, you work the hours and the days you want.

  • Ability to develop & maintain long term relationships
  • A great attitude to customer service with a dedication to 100% customer satisfaction
  • Professionalism & Integrity
  • Money management & administrative skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Commitment to promoting the brand within your territory

In New Zealand, we currently have 18 licensed or company owned territories. Some of our existing Licensee’s have been with us since ASG was licensed over 10 years ago. Should you wish to proceed further then we can introduce you to existing licensee’s along with providing you with details of the opportunities that are available near you.

Please either call our freephone 0800 650 100 or click here to request a call from our Licencee Manager.