Live the Dream, be your own boss!

Join the growing number of Kiwis who own and run their Licence business.


There are only three things in life we need to survive; Air, Food & Water. Water is in the news everyday, with wide ranging issues due to poor water quality. Humans cannot exist without good quality water and the Aqua mission is based on giving the people what they need to have a healthy life. Join the Aqua Mission and be your own boss, making a difference in everyday Kiwi Lives.

Looking to own your business? 

AQUA offers a business partnership that includes training, mentoring, and marketing under a trusted NZ brand! There are plenty of opportunities to start your own Aqua Licence, whether you buy an existing Licence or start building your customer base with the support of head office and a Master Licencee.


Benefits of joining the Aqua Family

Thousands of Customers

A trusted NZ Brand

7 Licencee Divisions and growing

Dedicated Sales & Marketing Team

Years of Experience

Proven Systems


Passionate Support System

Aqua Team Collage

The AQUA Brand

We're glad you're looking into buying an AQUA Licence. AQUA is a trusted household name known right around the country. We've been in business for over 20 years, providing water filtration / treatment solutions and services successfully for our clients. 

Our History

We've built AQUA into a trusted NZ name by offering professional and reliable services for over 25 years.

Our Team

We've built a team committed to delivering great service to our clients and making your business a success with the right training, feedback and support.

Nationwide Sales & Service

AQUA aims to be the number one provider of water filtration / treatment services.

We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly and efficient. With the AQUA system, your customers will come to you!