Water Source: Rain Tank, Bore and River
Application: Borthwick Vineyard


To maintain excellent hygiene standards, the winemaker Paddy Borthwick wants to eliminate any contamination in their rain collection tank caused by bird, possum or other animal droppings on the roof. These can carry harmful germs such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Campylobacter, and E-coli which can cause serious illness. These issues increase
risks and affect winemaking quality. The vineyard had a water treatment system installed before but disliked the inconvenience of monthly filter
changing requirements.


The Borthwick vineyard now has a Aqua Central Water Purifier installed in their pump shed. Throughout the whole property, the water is purified to eliminate bacteria, viruses, protozoan cysts, and turbidity. The family enjoys the peace of mind that their water is biologically safe and clean for washing wine processing equipment, tanks and providing healthy, great-tasting water for their workers.


To maintain their excellent hygiene standard, water treatment was a necessity for the winery to have quality water for cleaning the wine-processing equipments and tanks.

The risk of waterborne illness is minimized. The Aqua system physically removes 99.99999% of bacteria (E.Coli), 99.999% of viruses, protozoan cysts, and turbidity.

Hassle-free operation and maintenance-free. Automated daily self-cleaning of Aqua saves the family’s time and money spent on maintenance. Only annual servicing is required.

Minimizes the operating costs by using no electricity or chemicals, but only existing water pressure to filter naturally.

Effective consultation to draw customized installation plan and responsive on-going customer support.


The key things that make us happy with Aqua are the consistent quality water we get for our wine-making and workers’ daily use; ease of use and hassle-free maintenance. Although it is a big investment that we need to pay upfront, considering the complete peace of mind and the quality water we get over a long period of time, we believe it is economical and worthwhile.

– Paddy Borthwick